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Emperor Jewellery “Star Store Manager” Carlos Chan Sparkles at the New V Walk Store Perfect Showcase of Vibrant Summer Vibes

Aug 3, 2019

The new Emperor Jewellery store at V Walk, the newly completed shopping mall in West Kowloon, has officially opened. Riding on the summer vibes, the sunny pop star Carlos Chan visited the new store today and served as the “Star Store Manager” for the day. Besides engaging with customers and fans, Carlos shared his tips about the latest summer jewellery designs and summer styling, in a perfect display of his endearing and boyish charm. The pop star also assisted customers with selecting their new favorite jewellery, which sparked many joyful purchases among his fans.


“Star Store Manager” Carlos Chan on Jewellery Mix n’ Match
As Carlos has served as the “Star Store Manager” for Emperor Jewellery on different occasions, he has developed a deep interest and a keen sense of style in mixing and matching jewellery. He mentioned that as he did not have a strong understanding of jewellery in the past, he never gave much thought to mixing jewellery with everyday fashion. “I used to think jewellery was all about grandeur and feminine beauty, and it was reserved for more serious and grand occasions. Since I have served as the Emperor Jewellery “Star Store Manager” several times, I have come to a deeper understanding of jewellery. The jewellery designs from recent years are getting more sophisticated and fashionable, and they can be highlights to an individual’s taste the way a premium timepiece is.”


Carlos also showcased new jewellery designs of the season from the new Sunray Collection, which takes inspiration from the glorious sunlight. “With this jewellery piece, for example, the sleek ring design is available in stylish rhodium black gold, rose gold and yellow gold, and it is great for mix n’ match for both men’s and women’s fashion. The sparkling diamonds bring to mind the shining sun, as the design is tasteful and smart. It captures the trendiness and vitality of young people, and it is a perfect accessory for the summer look.”

Exchange and Sharing with Customers and Fans
Besides sharing his tips about jewellery and fashion, the down-to-earth pop star also engaged with the customers and his fans. When asked about his views on couple jewellery, Carlos said, “Matching jewellery is a delight between lovers, but you have to select designs that look classy on both a man and a woman. With the rings and bangles from the Sunray Collection, they come in the single pavè diamond ring design and the double pavè diamond ring design. The couple can wear a jewellery item of different designs from the same collection, which symbolizes the understanding between the lovers.” When asked if he had someone in mind for a gorgeous gift of jewellery, Carlos responded, “I am focused on my career for now, but we can give the gift of jewellery to other loved ones in our lives. There are many jewellery designs from recent years that are sleek and versatile, which make for wonderful gifts for friends and family. It can also be a reward for yourself, as you have worked hard in your career.” Carlos also posed for pictures with the customers, many of whom were impressed with his performance as the Star Store Manager, as they said his presence enlivened the store with a joyful vibe.

Emperor Jewellery “Star Store Manager” Carlos Chan visits the new store at V Walk, West Kowloon, and captivates with his vibrant and down-to-earth presence

Sunny pop star Carlos Chan models the latest designs from the Sunray Collection by Emperor Jewellery, showcasing his endearing and boyish charm.

Carlos Chan selects gorgeous jewellery pieces from the Chinese Wedding Fine Gold Floral Collection as bridal gifts for his younger sister who will soon get married. The fine gold bangles with the rose motif depart from traditional wedding jewellery design, as they instill a contemporary style into fine gold jewellery.

“Star Store Manager” Carlos Chan shares his professional opinions and assists fans and customers with selecting gifts of jewellery for their partners, friends and families.

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