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Emperor Jewellery L’Atelier Cindy Yeung High Jewellery Collection Masterpieces of Superb Craftsmanship Forging New Trends and Classics in the World of Jewellery

Nov 7, 2017

Founded in 1942, Emperor Watch and Jewellery celebrates 75 years of distinguished history and craft, as the company has created numerous unforgettable jewellery pieces with outstanding creativity and craftsmanship. Ms. Cindy Yeung, Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Watch and Jewellery, has had an incredible connection with jewellery from an early age, and it is reflected in her unique perspectives on jewellery. She believes jewellery is more than accessories: every piece of jewellery carries a blessing, a promise, or even a legend to be passed on to future generations. Therefore, Ms. Yeung has always insisted on superb fineness for every ‘Emperor Jewellery’ creation. Be it the quality of gemstones, the level of craftsmanship or the creativity of the design team, and particularly her expectations for herself, she holds the highest standards for every aspect of jewellery making to render ‘Emperor Jewellery’ a synonym for ‘perfection’. With her dedication to perfection, Ms. Yeung takes part in the design and making of every jewellery piece. She leads Emperor Jewellery’s professional team in the continual refinement of craftsmanship and the pursuit of creativity, as they work together in creating an array of stunning jewellery classics. Emperor Jewellery is proud to present the L’Atelier Cindy Yeung High Jewellery Collection, which takes design inspiration from Ms. Yeung’s seasoned knowledge and understanding of jewellery. It is a collection of jewellery masterpieces that embody extraordinary experience, boundless creativity and magnificent artistry. 

Defining the Brand’s Jewellery Aesthetics of ‘Perfection’


Emperor Jewellery is on the constant quest for new inspirations and techniques for the making of premium jewellery. Ms. Yeung understands that just as a gemstone must be polished for its brilliance to be revealed, a company must strive to refine itself in order to shine. “I believe the brilliance of jewellery doesn’t only reflect the thoughts and blessings that it carries, but also the maker’s skills, originality, engagement and effort. I think a jeweller must work on refining herself before she can create finer jewellery. To enrich myself, I’m always traveling to different places around the world to explore new things, expand my perspectives and seek new inspirations. Through my exposure to different kinds of craft, I’m inspired by what I’ve seen and learnt to view jewellery from wider perspectives. It enables me to explore the uniqueness of each gemstone more fully and accentuate it with exquisite design, and make every piece of ‘Emperor Jewellery’ a resonant and perfect work of art.”

L’Atelier Cindy Yeung draws inspiration from the jeweller’s life experiences and dedication to jewellery over the years, as well as the observations and understanding that fill her travels around the world. For Ms. Yeung, who has a deep love for film and various kinds of artistic and aesthetic expressions, inspiration abounds along her path. “From natural scenery, traditional crafts from around the world to street art, every detail I come across in everyday life can turn into a beautiful picture in my mind, which I instill into creating jewellery that touches the heart.” Ms. Yeung and her team are fully devoted to the task throughout the jewellery making process, and they select the finest gemstones for the premium jewellery. ‘Every gemstone is unique. We find the best faceting angles for the cuts and the most appropriate methods of setting the gemstones, which are accentuated with exquisite design for the most remarkable effects. I’m committed to perfection in the design of each product, which utilizes delicate lines to reveal the beauty of jewellery.” Impeccable craftsmanship underlines every step of the jewellery making process and the pursuit of perfection. Each gemstone is set in the best position for it to shine its brightest brilliance, which captures the brand’s unique jewellery aesthetics.

 The Fluttering Butterfly

A gemstone is formed and refined over long periods of time before it turns into a sparkling treasure, like a butterfly is transformed through a four-stage life cycle into a beauty that shimmers in the air. A canton in mid-southern Switzerland, Valais has always been a haven for butterflies. For its large butterfly populations and exceptional species diversity in butterfly ecology, Valais is known as the largest butterfly habitat in Europe. Butterfly has been a symbol of freedom, transformation and beauty since ancient times. Be it the delightful flutter of a butterfly or its poise while resting on a flower, one cannot help but marvel at the wonders of transformation. “I’ve specially chosen to use brilliant colored gemstones in creating these colorful butterflies, which flutter and gleam in the sun.” Ms. Yeung and the designers make masterful use of the intricate colors to illuminate different gradient colors, textures and a touch of lightness, and spotlight the singular beauty of each butterfly design.

 The Glistening Snowflake

With its captivating blue radiance, sapphire has been the love token of choice among European nobilities for centuries. “I hope to encapsulate in each jewellery piece a scene that stirs the heart and a love that rings true. Azure blue sapphire is used as the main stone and paired with flawless white diamond. The two gemstones have always been symbols of love, and the pairing evokes a fairytale-like romance set in the snowy lands of Northern Europe.” In a departure from conventional snowflake-shaped jewellery, this design discards the typically symmetrical snowflake and imitates the shape of natural quartz. The crux of the snowflake design is made up of six white diamond-studded rhombus shapes in this collection of earrings and ring. The asymmetrical shapes bring a touch of spontaneity and style to the design, while the sapphires at the centre spell an elegant grandeur.

The Moonlit Dancer

Ms. Yeung’s designs resound with her distinctive character, and their concepts often epitomize the mix of current fashion and classic sensibilities. Educated overseas from an early age, Ms. Yeung is deeply influenced by Western aesthetics and arts, which manifests in her sophisticated ideas about the art of jewellery. In Western mythology, pearl is the gemstone of the Moon God, as pearls were believed to be the tears of the Moon God that trickled down into clam shells. The ancient myth evokes the images of the night sky, the tantalizing moon and a swaying skirt, which coalesce into this collection of elegant and delicate jewellery in Ms. Yeung’s mind. The tassel is the classic of all classic designs in both jewellery and fashion. This design combines the timeless tassel with sapphire, a favorite gemstone among the royals and nobilities of Europe since ancient times, in creating this collection of tassel necklace and earrings that merge contemporary style and classic touches. The necklace is made up of premium pearls that are comparable in color and size, and which are intersected by small sapphire beads. The sapphire beaded tassel sways along the movement of the wearer, echoing the moonlike glow of the immaculate pearls. 

The Dazzling Banquet


The glamorous banquet is an important part of social culture in the West, and Ms. Yeung has many beautiful memories of the banquet culture from her years of studying abroad. Inspired by sumptuous evening dresses, the design features the classic ribbon and bowknot as the motif and premium emeralds as the axis in this collection of necklace, earrings and ring. The necklace is made up of emerald beaded twists that give out a swirling radiance, like a green ribbon that sways along with the evening dress. At the centre of the necklace is a delicate design that resembles a blooming flower at the first glance. Upon closer look, the white diamond-studded details emerge as intricate bowknots made up of ribbons. The bowknot originated from and it has been an enduring element in fashion, while the ribbon design is enriched with a sense of texture by the intersecting white diamonds. Magenta-colored gemstones of varying hues weave a gorgeous swaying skirt, while the hem is adorned with brilliant white diamonds for a textured display and a feeling of vibrant motion. The resplendent emeralds seize the spotlight at the centre and dangling from the necklace, bringing to mind the grandeur of crystal chandeliers in a banquet hall. The swaying skirt design runs through the entire collection, which is completed with the equally splendid earrings and ring. The jewellery pieces are poised to make the wearer the centre of attention at a lavish banquet.

About Emperor Watch and Jewellery

Emperor Watch and Jewellery is an internationally acclaimed retailer of the world’s most prestigious timepieces and a manufacturer of contemporary and sophisticated jewellery. The foundation for the company was laid with Mr Yeung Shing’s founding of Shing On Kee Watch Shop in 1942. For over 70 years, Emperor Watch and Jewellery has undertaken a determined pursuit of excellence. This commitment serves as a guarantee for the quality of products and services it provides.


The business of Emperor Watch and Jewellery began with the importing of premium timepieces from worldwide. In the 1960s, Emperor Watch and Jewellery designed and manufactured jewellery on its own. As the new visual identity of Emperor Jewellery, the image of “Heartbeat Journey” takes inspiration from the patterns on electrocardiograms to represent the leaping joy and pulsating heartbeats one feels with eager anticipation to acquire impeccable jewellery masterpieces, bringing out the qualities of confidence, glamour, elegance and surprise. Over the years, Emperor Jewellery has been committed to superior innovation and craftsmanship, creating exquisite high-end jewellery by putting its fashion sense to add more new ideas and uniqueness in its designs. Every piece of remarkable jewellery from Emperor Jewellery represents a touching story that marks the important moments of one’s journey of life.


Every piece of ‘Emperor Jewellery’ is a work of art featuring design by Ms. Yeung.

The Fluttering Butterfly

The Glistening Snowflake

The Moonlit Dancer

The Dazzling Banquet

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