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Emperor Jewellery ‘Don’t Stop Loving Me:”YoYo” Trial Event’ Share love for “YoYo” with Kai Ko

Dec 8, 2011

Emperor Jewellery’s ‘Don’t Stop Loving Me:”YoYo” Trial Event’ was brought to a successful close on December 8 (Thursday) at Emperor Jewellery flagship store at “1881 Heritage”, Tsim Sha Tsui. Taiwan famous singer and actor Kai Ko was invited to try on the ”YoYo” necklace. Attending the event was also Ms. Cindy Yeung, Managing Director of Emperor Watch and Jewellery, who shared the design concept and the source of inspiration of the “YoYo” collection at the event.

Though both are from different background Ms. Yeung is a successful entrepreneur and a female leader in Hong Kong; while Kai Ko is a cheerful all-round Taiwan artist they are sentimental in nature, a feature that shared between them. Inspired by yo-yos, Ms. Yeung created the YoYo collection herself as a testament of eternity reminiscence. Combining innovation with elegance, it caters to the unique tastes of urban cosmopolites and it fits Kai Ko’s refreshing image perfectly.The “YoYo” collection is designed with fresh inspiration. Shaped as a yo-yo, the diamonds inlayed around the pendant sparkle with brilliance and splendor as it spins on its axis, symbolizing perpetual longing and enduring love; and in the vastness of eternity, only ones’ innocence can withstand the test of time. Engraved in the middle of the pendant is Emperor Jewellery’s signature crown, embodying the brand’s endeavor to uphold its outstanding tradition of maintaining an impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous design for every masterpiece it creates. Signifying elegance and innocence, the “YoYo” collection captures the precious moments in life. The “YoYo” collection is available in either 18K white gold or 18K rose gold, both equally magnificent and glamorous, allowing you to readily match it with different attires suitable for different occasions, the collection empowers you to radiate your own unique allure. The “YoYo” collection is now available in Hong Kong and Macau branches of Emperor Jewellery.

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