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Jewellery Highlights 19 Aug 2021

Nuò by Cindy Yeung High Jewellery – Garden of Treasures

A Secret Garden where Nature Meets Craftsmanship
and Luxurious Elegance Blooms

Crafted with dedication by a professional team of Emperor Watch and Jewellery artisans led by the company’s Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer Ms. Cindy Yeung, high jewellery brand “Nuò by Cindy Yeung” once again instils unique inspirations, astonishing designs and exquisite craftsmanship into the making of mesmerizing masterpieces. The word “Nuò” phonetically represents one of the characters in Ms. Yeung’s Chinese name – “”, or “promise”, symbolizing Emperor Watch and Jewellery’s unwavering commitment to premium quality. “Nuò” also indicates an intricate link between Ms. Yeung and her beloved daughter Ms. Jasmine Cheung, whose Chinese name also includes the same character. The distinctive lineage is subtly embedded in the extraordinary Nuò by Cindy Yeung high jewellery pieces bound to be passed down through the generations.

As Creative Director of the brand, Ms. Yeung draws inspiration from many years of her travel experience around the world and designs “Nuò by Cindy Yeung” high jewellery pieces based on the most unforgettable and touching moments. Every time she visits a place, she would love to explore the local gardens and develops new creative visions as she enjoys the enchanting sight of the flora. “Every flower and grass in nature is a wonderful creation of the universe, and gardening artistically transforms these nature’s gifts into breath-taking spectacles that display human artistry and wisdom.  In like manner, gems are also a treasure that nature gifts us, and they can be transformed into incredible works of art through compelling designs and ingenious craftsmanship.” Ms. Yeung said.


Inspired by vivid and colourful gardens, “Nuò by Cindy Yeung” accentuates the concept of “Garden of Treasures” this year by launching a series of distinctive, brand new jewellery pieces that evoke blooming flowers in three of its thematic collections: “Majestic”, “Immaculate” and “Splendour”. Professional in-house artisans led by Ms. Cindy Yeung translate their extraordinary aesthetic visions and excellent craftsmanship into exquisite and shimmering jewellery items that are “artificial but perfectly natural-looking”. Each jewellery piece reflects the sublimity of nature and the beauty of classical gardening, as if it was made by the Creator.


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