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Jewellery Highlights 30 Nov 2020

Emperor Jewellery Presents the Romantic “One Vow, Two Love” Collection

From the blissful moment of engagement to the exchange of wedding vows, jewellery bears witness to the pledge of eternal love and the unforgettable memories shared by each couple. Emperor Jewellery is pleased to present the “One Vow, Two Love” Bridal Collection, a unique collection featuring the romantic love story as its design motif. Created with exquisite settings and impeccable craftsmanship, the selection of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands embody the brilliance of an ever-lasting promise.

“One Vow” - Engagement ring collection

A vow and a look of commitment in the eyes, and you know you have met your Mr. Right in this life. An overflowing joy that lights up the world! With the right person, love brings the purest bliss—the happiness of sharing your lives together. In the “One Vow” collection, the sparkling diamond and the delicate prong are paired in a dazzling design, which enables light to enter the diamond from multiple angles and reveal its perfect brilliance. It is testimony to the couple’s lifelong bond, and their promise of honoring each other as the only love of their lives.


 “Two Love” – Wedding band collection

The lovers meet, connect, fall in love, and stay together through thick and thin…Let us spend the rest of our lives together! Your presence by my side illuminates the meaning of unison—“Two Love” takes away one’s sorrows, and unites two hearts in a lifelong journey. The “Two Love” collection features remarkable wedding band designs where the exquisite polishing ensures the band fits snugly on the finger. It evokes the tender love and support between the couple who look forward to the future hand in hand. 

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